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Cloud Security Posture Management

We all love the speed and agility that the public cloud has brought to the table. That being said, enterprises are dealing with multiple clouds, multiple accounts within the cloud, and the inevitable security policy drift. I can assure you, you aren’t the only one.


When it comes to cloud security, there is no shortage of considerations. To protect yourself from intentional and unintentional risks, you must retain complete visibility and control over your cloud infrastructure. With cloud security posture management, you can identify cloud vulnerabilities and take action with leading technology.

What Is CSPM?

Cloud security posture management (CSPM) are security tools to target cloud vulnerabilities. Identifying misconfigurations and compliance risks and monitoring cloud infrastructure for gaps in security policy enforcement, CSPM offers unparalleled visibility across your cloud.

CSPM automatically identifies and responds to risks across your cloud framework, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (Saas), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). CSPM provides risk visualization, incident response, compliance monitoring, and DevOps integration, uniformly applying security best practices across hybrid, multi-cloud, and container environments.

Why Is CSPM Important?

Cloud computing offers many benefits to the modern workplace. Its dynamic nature is powerful and flexible. However, securing cloud frameworks comes with no end of challenges. Cloud computing brings a layer of vulnerability. Using a remote hosting server, clouds are susceptible to cyber-attacks and security threats.


Lack of visibility is the greatest vulnerability to your cloud infrastructure. In a complex cloud environment with hundreds of thousands of accounts and sophisticated automation, it’s nearly impossible to keep an eye on everything all at once. Misconfigurations and breaches go unnoticed.

Throughout the day, the cloud connects and disconnects from potentially thousands of other networks—making them hard to secure. CSPM is essential to protect your workspace from:

  • Limited visibility
  • Security Policy Drift
  • Misconfigured resources
  • Data loss
  • Compliance issues
  • Insecure Integration and APIs
  • Accidents
  • Cybercriminals

Determining how to secure your cloud-based security can eat into the ROI. Moreover, with so many pieces of the puzzle to consider—such as microservices, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless functions—it’s challenging to find an all-in-one cloud security solution.

However, with new technologies, it’s possible to protect your cloud from external and internal threats. Cloud security posture management continually monitors cloud risks with a preventative approach. By detecting, responding to, and predicting threats and dangers, CSPM is the security solution you need.

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As developers program cloud infrastructure, security teams must continually keep up to mitigate risks. With such fast-moving technology, even the most skilled security analysts struggle to monitor and detect threats manually. You have to build fast to remain competitive. But building too quickly leaves your security open, (often) misconfigured, and vulnerable.

Traditional cloud security tools and compliance best practices are too reactive. As teams scramble to catch misconfigurations and violations, the platform is exposed. You need an automated, unified cloud security solution to protect your workspace from internal and external threats.

Understanding your risks and investing in the right solutions to strengthen your environment is crucial.

Benefits of CSPM

As the modern workplace becomes more dependent on cloud technology, security risks evolve at a greater speed. With new cyber threats, unintentional vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations occurring all day and all night, how can you secure your cloud environment? CSPM solutions automatically and continually monitor potential risks to prevent data breaches and leaks.

The benefits of CSPM include the following:

  • All of your clouds, and all of your accounts visible in one place
  • Ability to standardize and automate security governance policies across all accounts and all clouds
  • Assessing and strengthening the security configuration of cloud resources to ensure you have the best defenses continually
  • Automate compliance against industry and regulatory standards and streamline corrective actions
  • Enable threat protection for workloads running on cloud environments and on your premises
  • Detect vulnerabilities and identify potential risks to protect your multi-cloud and hybrid frameworks from malicious attacks and cybercriminals
  • Prevent or stop accidental breaches and vulnerabilities by providing complete visibility across cloud environments
  • Automatically prevent misconfigurations
  • Reduce alert fatigue by unifying security systems into one streamlined console
  • Reduce false positives with industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Uncover hidden threats more quickly, meaning faster remediation

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Features of CSPM

Cloud security posture management achieves continuous security and compliance with a preventative, complete visibility approach. With CSPM security solutions, from AWS and Google Cloud to Rackspace Technology, you’ll get access to a range of features.

CSPM will protect your cloud environment with:

  • Protect against evolving threats across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud frameworks
  • Built-in policies and prioritized recommendations aligned to your industry and regulatory standards
  • Customization options to set policies to your organization’s needs and standards
  • Provides actionable insights about your digital footprint and external attack surface signals
  • Automated recommendations to ensure you configure resources securely
  • Intelligent, real-time data to make informed security decisions
  • Complete unified visibility and insights into critical workloads across VMs, containers, databases, storage, and app services
  • Continuous monitoring of cloud systems to proactively find misconfigurations and cloud threats
  • Deploy secure applications within the cloud with speed and efficiency
  • Guardrails and recommendations to help developers avoid and prevent costly mistakes
  • Targeted threat detection to eliminate alert fatigue
  • Infrastructure as Code (IAC) security

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Defensive Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud security becomes more critical each day. As technology evolves to adapt to the modern workplace—with a hybrid environment and multi-cloud frameworks—our systems become more vulnerable. Such a dynamic platform has many advantages but faces many risks.

Our CSPM solutions offer unparalleled, unified visibility to ensure your cloud technology has the best protections possible. You can avoid costly mistakes and security risks with a proactive approach and complete visibility into any cloud, account, and workload.


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