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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to operate in a flexible, modern way? Your employees should have the tools available to allow them to work efficiently and productively—without wasting your money. We can offer cost savings on your enterprise mobility plan.

Mobility Plan

Costs of Corporate Mobility

Do you want to drastically reduce the costs of your corporate mobility plans without changing your provider or contracts? Defensive’s mobility cost management experts can help you dramatically reduce enterprise costs without disruptions.

Our technology leverages patented algorithms and machine learning to produce highly accurate cost-saving solutions—you won’t find any other service that is quite so effective in the marketplace.

Trust Defensive for instant and tangible savings.

The best part? You won’t pay a single penny until we’ve saved you money. Our mobility management service costs are solely based on how much money we save you at the end of each month.

Mobility Cost Reduction

Traditional corporate mobile rate plans are outdated and ineffective, running off of a broken system. Most organizations only offer static programs with fixed rate charges. Such outmoded systems cost you extortionate sums as you’re paying the same monthly rate regardless of how your employees work and use their devices.

Defensive is an industry-leading mobile management solution provider. We use algorithm-driven machine learning software to tailor specific solutions for your organization. Our ML software analyzes all users, devices, usage, and corporate policies to identify critical areas to reduce costs.


Mobile Device Cost Management

Mobile usage is the opposite of static. No two employees within your organization will use their devices in the same way. You’re paying for more than you need. Now, imagine this scenario extrapolated across your entire organization of hundreds or thousands of users. The result? Immense costs for significant sums of unused and wasted data.

We can proactively investigate and optimize costs in real-time, faster than traditional, broken methods of manually plugging numbers into spreadsheets. Nothing else across the market offers such a unique, robust solution to save you significant sums.



What do Defensive’s corporate mobility cost management services provide? Here is what you can expect with our expertise.

Device Tracking

Maintaining complete visibility across your mobility environment requires tracking. Our tools allow IT, administrators, to track an ever-growing number of mobile devices throughout your organization.

Learn how employees use devices and make informed decisions about increasing or decreasing your mobile environment. Save costs with valuable insights into device usage.

Equipment TCO Analysis

Our machine-learning software analyses the total cost of ownership throughout your mobile environment. We examine your business’s acquisition, physical, operating, and personnel costs. With clear visibility and transparency of costs, we can begin to provide helpful and practical solutions to save money where possible.

International Management

Larger enterprises require large-scale solutions. With our international mobility management plans, we can provide cost savings on a global scale. Our machine learning software can help the smallest and largest businesses cut costs throughout their mobility environment.

Late Charge Avoidance

Our expert mobility management team can prevent late charges with our cost-saving schemes and machine learning solutions.

Mid-Cycle Rerating

When you sign up for a plan, you have no idea if it will remain practical and cost-efficient throughout its lifecycle. Unfortunately, for many businesses, providers lock you into plans that don’t always meet your needs. Whether you need to scale up or down, you might find yourself spending money on insufficient mobile plans.

With our mid-cycle rerating cost-saving solutions, you don’t have to continue paying for devices and data you’re not using. Tailor your mobile plans to your organization.

Pool Balancing

Device usage may differ throughout your organization. Each department and each employee are entirely different. We’ll help you balance your corporate mobility plan across the environment to suit everyone’s individual needs.

Provider Negotiations

We’re not afraid to speak to your providers to save you money. We’ll help you change your rates or get out of a contract that’s no longer working for you. Our data-driven solutions can provide tangible cost savings that we’ll take straight to your providers to save money.

Zero Usage Containment

Don’t use your data? Don’t pay. We’ll help you create cost-saving plans that ensure you only pay for what you use throughout your mobility environment.

Mobility Lifecycle Management

Reducing mobility costs is essential but not the only focus of mobility management. Defensive offers full-service support for your entire mobility environment across your enterprise. We’ll help manage device procurement, inventory management, contract negotiations, service moves, and plan changes. Whatever your mobility needs, we can help. Moreover, as your needs evolve, so do we.

We’ll even help with policy implementation and enforcement. Defensive handles time-consuming but necessary jobs throughout your mobility management plan so you can focus your energies elsewhere. Trust Defensive to work behind the scenes to optimize your organization so you can take more initiative for your business with complete confidence.


Mobile Plan Visibility and Control

You’ll act more efficiently and effectively with enhanced visibility and control across your corporate mobility plans. Enterprise mobility plans are only as good as your ability to see, understand, and control what is happening.

Defensive directly integrates with your providers’ billing and operations systems to enable comprehensive organizational-wide reporting. With a clear picture of your entire mobile environment, you can make informed decisions for the good of everyone within the business.

Our mobile cost management experts can provide the analytics and insights necessary to take your business into the future.


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Defensive is a Next Generation Solution Provider for a Cloud-First World. We exist to take the guesswork out of Cybersecurity and Information Technology procurement and adoption.

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Why Defensive?

Defensive is a trusted IT partner to any organization looking to reduce costs, maximize uptime, and improve efficiency. Our mobile device management and mobility cost optimization tools are industry-leading.

Our solutions use machine learning intelligence to save time, money, and headaches. Speak to one of our team to discover how machine learning can optimize your corporate mobility plans.


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