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Managed Detection and Response and Managed Threat Hunting

24x7x365 Eyes on Glass

*Source: Mandiant, 2021.


Hackers are targeting your business when your human defenses are down.

Companies are 400% more likely to be hit by ransomware at 11 PM than any other time of day.

Facts you should know:


The cost of Cybercrime in 2021 alone was over $6.2 Trillion (yes, with a T) [Cyberventures, 2022]


76% of Ransomware attacks took place on either nights or weekends [Madiant, 2022]


It is nearly impossible to find Cybersecurity Personnel. There are currently almost 700,000 vacant cybersecurity jobs in the United States alone, and entry-level engineers without any experience start at over $120,000 per year in many markets []


62% of Security Teams report being under-equipped to deal with the modern threat landscape [Businesswire]


What Are Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services?

Cybercrime is one of the most significant threats facing your organization. Cybercrime cost the world $6.2 trillion in damages in 2021 alone. Experts predict Cybercrime to rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025. That would put Cybercrime as the third largest economy in the world, after the US and China.

Every business needs cost-effective yet highly skilled managed detection and response services that pair technology, artificial intelligence, and human-led analysis to keep up with today’s threats.

Managed detection and response (MDR) services provide threat intelligence, hunting and detection, security monitoring, incident analysis, and targeted responses. We use advanced security analytics to determine actionable insights on endpoints, user behavior, and applications.

Our strategies use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and human expertise to investigate and automatically contain threats, then orchestrate a response.

Should I Worry About Cybercrime?

As security processes grow stronger, cyber threats equally advance. Did you know that 76% of ransomware attacks happen after business hours or on weekends? You can’t log off and go home, assuming that everything will be okay. You need 24/7 protection, managed detection, and response to cyber threats. Cybercrime doesn’t sleep, so neither should your cyber security.

There are almost 700,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US alone. Due to such demand, entry-level cyber security engineers average nearly $100,000, with several markets in the US averaging over $120,000. With such pressure on manual cyber security, we must rely on AI and machine learning to enforce watertight detection, response, and threat hunting.

Our team of experts harnesses the power of technology, artificial intelligence, and human analysis & intervention to deliver end-to-end managed detection and response around the clock.


What Challenges Can Managed Detection and Response Address?

Cyber threats grow increasingly sophisticated, varied, and numerous each day. As they increase exponentially, organizations struggle to maintain security operations. Keeping up to date with cyber criminals is time-consuming, costly, and never-ending. Moreover, in a seriously understaffed industry, it’s challenging to source your own in-house highly skilled personnel.

As a result, our managed detection and response services will provide you with a cost-effective, expert security team. We’ll minimize risks and mitigate the need for an upfront cybersecurity investment.

Our MDR services provide highly skilled analysts and cutting-edge security tools beyond the budget and resources of most enterprises. Therefore, we can help you keep up with continually evolving Cybercrime.

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Why Choose Defensive MDR Services?

MDR services mean better detection, response capabilities, and proactive defense intelligence and insights to stop attacks in their tracks.

Proactive Management and Optimization

Defensive experts continually optimize your environment to combat the latest cyber threats. Our proactive management will boost confidence in your endpoint, cloud workload, and identity protection security.

  • Comprehensive control to help you group, sort, and protect digital assets.
  • Ensures the best level of protection available.
  • Systematically applies proven best practices to endpoints and vulnerabilities.

Continuous Threat Hunting

Our expert monitoring hunts relentlessly to find and stop sophisticated threats that will cost your business’s brand, time, and money.

  • Our threat-hunting team searches, analyze, and respond to potential cyber security breaches around the clock. We root out even the most advanced threats, leaving them with nowhere to hide.
  • Scalable cloud data supports effective threat hunting. With vast amounts of valuable data, our team can successfully spot intrusions in real time.
  • Our diverse expertise and experience from a range of industries and backgrounds support our intelligent defense strategy and threat hunting.

24/7 Monitoring and Response

Defensive monitors your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We investigate every security alert and identify potential attacks at the earliest possible stage.

  • We are constantly watching your systems, ensuring that we address threats in real time before you even notice them.
  • Our human response team monitors threat detection in a timely manner to ensure nothing gets passed us.

Expert Responses

When we identify an intrusion, we’ll act quickly and decisively to mitigate the risk with minimal disruption for the end user. We’ll remotely access the affected system to stop and block potential threats in their tracks. We’ll then restore your systems without interrupting your productivity.

Control and Transparency

We’ll do the work, but you remain in control. With our regular reporting and open communications, we’ll work together as a partnership to escalate incidents, take specific response actions, and improve your cyber security software and hardware.

Take Action Against Cyber Threats

What will you get with Defensive managed detection and response services and managed threat hunting?


We Will Help You

  • Free up time to focus on other security initiatives
  • Spend less time spent investigating, validating, and analyzing potential breaches
  • Create more time for professional development
  • Reduce costly cyber risks to your organization

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response

With increasingly overwhelming security threats and campaigns, organizations struggle to cope with monitoring and responding to threats on a limited security budget. With a limited pool of resources and a skilled workforce, comprehensive security analysis is not possible for many businesses.

If you want to gain more protection, insight, and compliance without paying for tools and employees, speak to our experts today. We can provide sustainable managed detection and response and managed threat hunting. Our security services will benefit you:

  • Experienced security analysts monitor your defenses without adding full-time staff and resources
  • Complete managed endpoint threat hunting, detection, and response service
  • Expert investigation of alerts and incidents
  • Reduce the impact of potential breaches and cyber attacks on your organization’s productivity
  • Proactive threat hunting and improved threat response
  • Remove the burden of security management from your staff and budget
  • Improved compliance and reporting
  • Fewer security breaches

MDR Solutions

Are you struggling to implement a comprehensive security team? Are your recruitment efforts proving fruitless with the lack of highly skilled security engineers in the job market? With cyber threats an increasing concern, it’s more important than ever that you work with industry-leading security experts.

Our combination of technology, expertise, and discipline will stop potential cyber-attacks in their tracks before you even notice them. We proactively use data-driven methods to enhance automated detection capabilities and hunt sophisticated cyber threats.

Why Defensive Networks?

Defensive is a Next Generation Solution Provider for a Cloud-First World. We exist to take the guesswork out of Cybersecurity and Information Technology procurement and adoption.

Defensive of your Brand.

We are trusted by leading enterprises around the globe.​

Defensive of your People.​

Let’s create harmony between Infosec, IT, Executives, End Users, and Finance.​

Defensive of your Time.

We’re straight to the point with technologies and strategies that work.

Defensive of your Budget.

Eliminate wasted expenditure and maximize the value of every dollar.


87 of the Fortune 1000
Over 1,400+ small, medium and large enterprises.

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Our Defensive MDR Solutions

Defensive’s managed detection and response services are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human proficiency to protect your staff, customers, networks, and data around the clock. Are you ready to speak to someone about securing your organization?


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