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Zero Trust 2.0

Gone are the days of huddling behind a firewall and securing the network with MAC addresses, ACLs, and NACs. Digital Transformation moved businesses to the cloud, and network security must adapt to this new cloud era.

Zero Trust 2.0

Security Service Edge (SSE)

Enter Zero Trust 2.0, Powered by Security Service Edge technologies. Gartner defines Security Service Edge (SSE) as secured access to the web, cloud services, and private applications.

Capabilities include :

  • Granular Access Control
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Data Security
  • Security Monitoring
  • Network-based and API-based Integration

Your business requires a world-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) that can tackle any threat, any time and anywhere. As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, our cyber security measures use the latest technology to monitor your systems around the clock.

What Is Zero Trust 2.0?

Zero Trust is a strategic cybersecurity approach to eliminate any and all cyber threats. It sits on top of a modern Identity Access Management (IAM) solution to create an airtight security strategy by eliminating implicit Trust and continuously interrogating and validating every digital interaction- be it on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS). Zero Trust protects all users, devices, applications, and data.

What does Zero Trust mean?


Explicitly verify user identity, location, device health, data classification, and anomalies.


Use least privileged access with risk-based adaptive policies.


Always assume breach to minimize blast radius and limit the impact.

Transform IT and Security

We’ll help you transform your business for the modern age. Security becomes more complicated with a mix of remote, in-office, and hybrid working taking over traditional business practices. We’ll help you move away from legacy network architecture to a more secure cloud-based system with the principles of Zero Trust.


Industry-leading SSE that can tackle any threats

The security broker of all connections to all things. Once we help you migrate to the cloud, we’ll implement the latest technologies and cloud-native solutions for data protection and defense against threats. We’ll help you understand your cloud risks to enable policy controls for all users, locations, and devices safely.

As an industry-leading security software, the Netskope Intelligent SSE :

  • Reduces Risk
  • Accelerates Performance
  • Unrivaled Visibility

With deep end-to-end visibility on all local, web, SaaS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Private Application activity, we can root out cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities before you even notice there is a problem.

Defensive SSE solutions can address evolving threats and new risks. We’ll handle technology shifts, organizational changes, and new compliance requirements, whichever industry you’re in.

Modernized Private Access

Like a firewall of all things in all places, Zscaler is a cloud security platform that provides speedy and secure connections between applications. Using the Zero Trust principles, our solutions determine appropriate access levels and restrictions to keep users, applications, and data safe.

Next Generation ZTNA solutions connect users, applications, and hardware over any network and any location.

“I love using my VPN” – No End User, ever

Ditch the legacy dial-up VPN for a modernized approach to more securely accessing your applications, wherever they are.


The Zero Trust Exchange terminates each connection to inspect and verify it before allowing the appropriate level of access to prevent superficial external and lateral cyber threats.


Zero Trust 2.0 is built off a strong IAM foundation

Zero Trust 2.0 requires a strong foundation of an adaptive Identity platform. We enhance our Zero Trust solutions with strong Privilege Access Management, Entitlement Access Management, and Adaptive MFA to support our cloud-based security. Entitlement management provides a way to control access and user privileges within a system.

You can grant appropriate access levels from one portal, while multi-factor authentication ensures the user is who they say they are.

With two levels of identity access management, we can prevent surface-level threats from becoming severe breaches.

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How Do We Protect Your Users and Your Data?

We utilize top-of-the-range security technologies and Software to keep your systems safe. Each protocol works together to prevent all kinds of attacks across your applications and network.

Reverse Proxy IdP

Think of a Reverse Proxy IdP like a cloud-native Firewall and Radius Authenticator, but for every single one of your users, anywhere in the world.

It forwards user and browser requests to web servers. In Zero Trust fashion, it intelligently blocks or challenges access when it sees irregularities in the device or network security.


A CASB (cloud access security broker) is a gatekeeper between users and applications. They allow organizations to extend security policies beyond their own infrastructure with firewalls to identify and prevent malware.

A CASB also enforces authentication, single sign-on, authorization, credential mapping, device profiling, encryption, logging, and alerting.

Cloud NGFW

Cloud NGFW (next-generation firewall) is an industry-leading network security that stops highly sophisticated threats in real time. Cloud NFGW is part of the next generation of firewall technology to detect and block attacks by enforcing security in applications and at port and protocol levels.

Cloud NGFW includes application control, integrated intrusion prevention, and cloud threat intelligence.


A secure web gateway (SWG) protects users from web-based threats by applying and enforcing security policies. An SWG solution offers broader protection than CASBs, as it blocks access to or from malicious websites and links by filtering web traffic.


A web application firewall (WAF) monitors, filters, and blocks data traveling to and from a website or application. A WAF can work on a cloud-based system. A WAF protects against vulnerabilities by filtering malicious traffic—it’s essential for your system security because of the speed and ease of modifying policies to respond to attacks more quickly.


Data loss protection (DLP) includes a set of technologies and techniques to ensure you don’t lose sensitive or crucial data or unauthorized user access and misuse of your information. DLP software classifies confidential business data and identifies violations of security policies. It alerts, encrypts, and offers other protective actions to prevent end users from sharing data.

Zero Trust Private Access

Zero Trust assumes that every access request is a potential threat and examines each connection before granting access. A Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) enables secure access to internal applications for remote users while identifying and removing unauthorized users. Trust is never implicit, with access granted on a need-to-know basis.

Principle of Least Privilege

The Principle of Least Privilege only allows users to access essential applications and data to complete the task. In other words, you only get the privileges you need for your job role—no more, no less. If users do not need access, they do not have it. The Principle of Least Privilege prevents accidental or malicious data breaches at the surface level.

Zero Trust 2.0 Features


How Will Zero Trust 2.0 Benefit You

Our Zero Trust principles stop potential breaches and attacks in their tracks. By assuming the worst of every connection, we will create a watertight identity access management solution.

  • Stops risky, accidental, or malicious user behavior
  • Ensures regulatory compliance in any industry
  • Protects data at rest and in transit
  • Supports remote users and applications (RIP legacy VPN!)
  • Detects anomalies in device and user behavior
  • Enhanced visibility of entire employee digital experience- whether on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Why Defensive Networks?

Defensive is a Next Generation Solution Provider for a Cloud-First World. We exist to take the guesswork out of Cybersecurity and Information Technology procurement and adoption.

Defensive of your Brand.

We are trusted by leading enterprises around the globe.​

Defensive of your People.​

Let’s create harmony between Infosec, IT, Executives, End Users, and Finance.​

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Eliminate wasted expenditure and maximize the value of every dollar.


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Defensive Zero Trust 2.0

A Zero Trust approach will prevent accidental and malicious breaches before they occur. We can tighten your access points and vulnerabilities with simple but effective solutions to ensure only the right people access the right applications.

Whether you work remotely, in the office, or with a hybrid approach, our Defensive Zero Trust 2.0 solution can save you from the worst-case scenario—by assuming that every scenario is the worst case.


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