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Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, and Dark Web Monitoring



Preventing data breaches, pre-empting external threats, and stopping supply chain attacks is vital for your organization. With more than 20 billion credentials stolen yearly, over 10 million malicious domains, 250 threat intelligence feeds, and over 50 law enforcement feeds, threat protection and dark web monitoring are essential.

Our threat intelligence, attack surface management, and dark web monitoring services will protect you against cyber criminals with malicious intentions.

Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence refers to the knowledge and understanding of potential threats and cybercriminals. With appropriate threat intelligence services, we’ll help you gain visibility into external threats to stay ahead of the game and keep your organization, employees, and consumers safe.

Proactive dark web monitoring can help mitigate threats before they impact your business. Prevent damage and rapidly respond. With contextualized alerts, our threat intelligence services will help you to make informed security decisions and easily prioritize responses for minimal impact.

Threat Intelligence

Defensive Benefits

Defensive’s threat intelligence services benefits include:

Faster Response

With advanced threat intelligence, you can act more quickly with faster dedication and automated alert responses. With plug-and-play integrations within your existing security technologies, you can make informed and efficient decisions about threat responses more quickly.

Simplified Workflows

Advanced threat investigation and mapping enable you to create highly contextualized alerts that reduce alert fatigue and simplify workflows. Moreover, you get unlimited access 24x7x365 to expert analysts to accelerate triage, response, and investigation times.

Instant Value

Receive instant return on investment when you leverage our threat intelligence services. You’ll receive instant value with rapid onboarding, an intuitive dashboard, and instant digital risk protection tailored to your organization.


Threat intelligence service and tool features include:

Digital Risk Protection

Use insights to proactively protect your organization from cyberattacks, whatever the perpetrators and their motives. Prevent attacks instead of reactively responding after damage occurs.

Threat Protection Expertise

Get security experts with years of experience on your side. Threat protection experts with insider knowledge of dark forums can access and disrupt threats before they launch and answer any and every question.

Rapid Remediation and Takedown

Take advantage of an industry-leading takedown rate of 85% in less than 24 hours with a dedicated team of security analysts ready to work with you to streamline workflows and threat responses.

Advanced Investigation and Threat Mapping

Dynamic asset mapping tracks your digital footprint as it evolves and identifies new threats to understand vulnerabilities. Tailored intelligence enables efficient and effective responses.

Clear, Deep, and Dark Web Protection

With clear visibility into the deepest corners of the dark web, you can organize adequate protection and security responses. With early AI warnings of potential attacks, you can minimize vulnerabilities with a proactive approach.

IOC Management and Enrichment

Visibility into all your threat intelligence data is key to stopping attacks in their tracks. A clear, easy-to-use threat intelligence dashboard enables better responses and security management.

Seamless Automation

Seamless integration with your security stack and a real-time picture of your entire threat environment will minimize potential attacks and reduce the burden of manual threat investigation.

Expansive Threat Library

Minute-by-minute threat intelligence on attackers makes for speedier responses and reduced impact of real-world attacks.

Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management is the continuous discovery, monitoring, evaluation, prioritization, and remediation of attackers and potential vulnerabilities within an organization’s infrastructure.

With greater visibility and transparency across attack vectors, you can improve security. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools highlight the attack surface and potential company exposure to inform better threat intelligence and response.

Attack Surface Management


Attack Surface Management

Rapidly detect, map, and classify on-premise and cloud IT assets with complete visibility of your entire attack surface and supply chain.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Detects misconfigured and vulnerable IT assets with compliance scanning and constant security monitoring.

Instant Notifications

Get 24/7/365 alerts to relevant people in your security team to mitigate security breaches and data leaks with rapid responses.

Non-Intrusive Technology

Production-safe OSINT technology integrates with your security stack to score third parties.


Dark Web Monitoring

Keeping track of sensitive data on your brand, employees, and customers is vital. With dark web monitoring, your business can search, track, and protect itself from potentially malicious activity across the open, deep, and dark web.

Dark Web Monitoring


Dark web monitoring can keep your organization safe. Gaining situational awareness provides visibility into the deepest corners of the dark web and beyond. What can dark web monitoring do for you?

Broad coverage

Increase awareness of your digital risk by monitoring the deepest recesses of the internet, where cybercriminals thrive in an underground economy.

Instant visibility

Gain access to real-time visibility of potential threats to reduce investigation time, improve efficiency, and speed up response times.

Immediate impact

Act straight away. From day one, our dark web monitoring software will protect you from digital risks. Using a cloud-native platform, onboarding is easy. There is nothing to install, administer, or deploy.


Unrivaled coverage

With access to raw intelligence on the dark web, you can expand visibility into threats and identify organizational digital risk. View current and past activities and behavior that could pose a threat.


See critical alerts at a glance with easy-to-use dashboards and make quick, informed decisions about further actions—automated investigation and monitoring of brand names, executives, vulnerabilities, and domains. Translate with hacker slang dictionaries.


Set alert priority with real-time notification to act quickly on threat intelligence. Enable users to delegate alerts to others (in departments beyond security) for further activity and track workload. Access and view results immediately.

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Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, and Dark Web Monitoring

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