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Voice Services

Businesses around the world are looking for easier-to-manage, cost-effective, modern solutions and voice services. Switching from traditional dial tone services to SIP technology enables more reliable and cheaper voice, messaging, and video communication. SIP was developed more than twenty years ago but only recently became mainstream.

How can your business benefit from SIP technology?

Voice Services

Traditional Voice: POTS and PRIs

Traditional voice services, such as POTS and PRIs, use dedicated services to connect over the internet, like computers. Each POTS line can only handle one call. PRIs do slightly better and can support 23 calls.

Worse still, PRIs can only forward numbers to one backup during service outages.

If both your PRI and POTS lines are affected during a power outage, your company will no longer receive any calls. Loss of contact and communication could cost your business a fortune. Each minute of downtime might cost several customers—imagine power outages happening several times throughout the year. You could lose significant sums of money with traditional voice services.

Modernized Solutions

SIP voice solutions have no circuit restraints and can quickly scale as and when you need them. SIP can drive down costs, increase mobility and flexibility, and significantly improve uptime. SIP can connect over as many internet connections as you have across all your premises.

Moreover, when no internet connection is available (e.g., during a power outage), you can redirect communications to any destination you choose, such as cell phones. SIP enables businesses to create reliable, cost-effective environments where you never lose calls.


Modern SIP Trunks and Call Platform as a Service

SIP is the future of communication. SIP trunks use VoIP connectivity between on-premise phones and the public switched telephone network to make local, long-distance, or international calls over the internet.

With a powerful Omni-channel communication platform, you can improve communication experiences, improve processes, and tackle challenges. Modern SIP trunks and call platforms as service solutions offer:

  • Global connectivity: With proven PSTN connectivity to more than 200 countries, you can connect with your customers across the globe.
  • Actionable insights: Our solutions provide complete visibility with actionable insights into your communications data to make informed business decisions.
  • Robust footprint: With our diversified vendor partnerships, we can quickly source DIDs or port existing numbers without unnecessary complications or a time-consuming process.
  • Enterprise security: TLS and SRTP encryption practices safeguard your communications network and data so you can sleep easily at night with no security worries.
  • Cloud-based savings: Save significant sums of money by avoiding high infrastructure costs and migrating from your premise-based solution to a hybrid or cloud platform.
  • Flexible capacity: Manage the number of trunks your business uses efficiently. Scale up or down quickly and simply with cloud-native architecture. Access as much power as you need, when you need, without paying for unused channels.
  • Self-service: Manage your account with complete visibility, control, and freedom to order trunks, make payments, and view call reporting. Access on-demand analytics and ready-to-use AI through a self-service portal that requires little to no technological expertise.
  • Seamless integration: Don’t throw out your old technology. Our SIP trunking solutions integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, allowing you to leverage your resources and infrastructure, reduce waste, and cut costs.
  • Disaster avoidance: In case of disaster, we provide a backup plan to ensure business continuity. Advanced trunk redundancies and geographic routing allow your business to keep running whenever disaster strikes.

Microsoft Teams Direct Route

As the world becomes more connected and hybrid and remote working increasingly popular, businesses need a modern solution for a modern workplace.

Direct routing enables businesses to connect on-premises Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivities with your Microsoft Teams client to transform your workplace with a dynamic workforce. OPTO solutions enhance functionality for comprehensive solutions.

Direct routing allows you to:

  • Use almost any PSTN trunk with your phone system.
  • Configure interoperability between customer-owned telephony equipment, analog devices, and Microsoft Teams

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Route:

  • Flexibility: Highly customized business solutions focus on your specific communication needs. Our calling plans strive to meet your global voice requirements and scale with you. Customers and employees can connect to any existing SIP-enabled on-premise or cloud-based phone system.
  • Global coverage: With connectivity covering 52 countries (and growing) with international numbering in nearly 200 countries across the globe.
  • Advanced capabilities: Improve capabilities with IVR, fax-to-email, SMS, ACD, call recording, smart routing, analytics, and more with advanced technology to take your business communications to the next level.
  • Global compliance: Rest assured that your communications solutions follow international compliance standards in all countries, including emergency services.
  • End-to-end managed service: You can execute an unbeatable and reliable global cloud telephony strategy with end-to-end managed services.
  • Lower spend: Flexible calling plans with per-minute charges, bundles, or shared trunk models with competitive pricing enable you to cut costs and save money.

Caller ID

You can take control of your reputation by comprehensively monitoring your company’s outbound calls and connections.

Phone calls are often the first and most important step throughout the customer journey.

Call quality and network performance are vital to maintaining competitive and market success. Whatever industry, we can provide real-time visibility, control, and reputation management across your communications network. Take control of what your customers see when you call to start the customer journey on the right foot.

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Caller ID Reputation Management

Healthcare professionals, telemarketing specialists, call centers, and customer service departments can take advantage of leading caller ID reputation management technology to transform their communications network.

With complete transparency, you can prevent potential customers from flagging your calls as spam or ignoring unknown numbers altogether—saving time and money. Don’t lose customers unnecessarily, and protect your reputation.


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