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Google Cloud Platform

Like most things Google does, its cloud platform strives to be the best. Google’s Cloud Platform is one of the most affordable, user-friendly, and industry-leading cloud solutions available to transform your business. It’s easy to use and highly effective, helping you make smarter business decisions.

You’ll grow your business and thrive with Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Vision API, Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT), and Natural Language.


Featured Services With Defensive’s Google Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Connectivity: Migrate to the cloud for more efficient work practices and better visibility.
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud: Transform your business into a modern workplace with hybrid and cloud working across any environment.
  • Cloud Cost Management: Optimize your costs with strategic planning and cost management.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management: Industry-leading security tools to continuously monitor cloud infrastructure for misconfiguration issues and compliance risks.
  • Cloud Workload Protection: Keep workloads across different cloud environments secure and functional.
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR): Monitor and mitigate cyber security threats at all your endpoints with advanced threat detection and prevention.
  • Attack Surface Management: Continuous discovery, inventory, classification, and monitoring of your cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform

Solve your business problems with Google Cloud Platform’s industry solutions. Perfect for businesses in any industry, GCP offers future-proofing infrastructure and seriously powerful analytics to grow your organization.

With the same advanced infrastructure that powers Google Search, YouTube, and Google Mail, GCP enables you to build a working environment that suits your needs proactively. With world-class protection, technical excellence, incredible capacity, reliability, and performance, the Google Cloud Platform is exactly what you need.

GCP provides the necessary state-of-the-art tools, security, and data sets to transform your business.

Certified Google Cloud Partner

As a certified Google Cloud Partner, we’re in the perfect position to help you grow your business with cloud technology. Google’s Partner Network is world-leading and highly prestigious. Defensive is honored to be a part of it.

As a Google Partner, Defensive are expert with the Google Cloud Platform. We are your go-to resource to support and advise on everything GCP. We provide 24/7 support across the US, migration support, scalable solutions, cloud cost management, and more.

Speak to one of our team today to see how we can work together to turn your company into a global success with the Google Cloud Platform.

Are you not convinced? Our industry-leading expertise comes at a guaranteed best price.


GCP Consulting Services

Are you looking to migrate your workload to the Google Cloud Platform? Or do you wish to manage your current Google Cloud Platform environment better? Defensive can help you transform your business with best-in-class cloud technology. Expand your cloud capabilities and scale your business with Defensive’s GCP consulting services.

We focus on providing technical excellence and insight to help you corner your markets. Whatever you need, Defensive can assist.

As a top-rated Google Cloud Platform consultant, you can expect vendor-neutral, award-winning cloud experts. We’ll always act in your best interests with a solid guarantee of getting the best price for GCP products and consulting services. Defensive are market leaders in cost reduction, migration services, interconnect directs, and all things GCP.


Speak to our expert team today for a free GCP consultation and discover how to join our growing list of highly successful clients.

GCP Key Features

What can we help you with? Any Google Cloud Platform question you have we can answer.

  • Analytics
  • Cloud database
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud storage
  • Cloud cost management
  • Compute
  • Design network
  • Hybrid cloud orchestrate
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning
  • Media services
  • Network and content delivery

Contact Defensive to learn more about how your business will benefit from the Google Cloud Platform.

GCP's Robust Global Network

Google recently launched new data centers in 13 states across America. With powerful data centers across Oregon, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and California, you can access ultra-low latencies and more agile workloads.

Let us know if you’ve yet to take advantage of unique opportunities with local data centers. We can set you up with a competitively priced GCP and provide our deep Google Cloud Platform expertise throughout.


Reimagine Your Cloud Workflows with PCoIP

We provide game-changing technology to optimize remote or hybrid office spaces and transform your business into a highly-competitive, high-performing organization.

PC over IP (PCoIP) is a Teradici remote display protocol to help deliver remote desktops and applications to the necessary endpoints. With Teradici’s leading technology, we can help you migrate entire workspaces or individual applications from the cloud or your data center to any endpoint.

Teradici PCoIP is a low-cost, efficient, and secure solution to optimize your business workflows. PCoIP technology automatically delivers the best possible user experience and true end-to-end multi-cloud solutions.

Google Cloud Interconnect

Google Cloud Interconnect extends on-premise networks and VPC networks through highly available, low-latency connections to the Google Cloud Platform. Reliably transfer data with our support for faster, more secure working environments.

Use our Google Partner Interconnect for private direct connections into Google Cloud Interconnect from any business or data center location. We can deliver direct cloud connections wherever you are in the world and at any speed (10Mbps – 100Gbps). Speak to our team today to learn more about how our Google Cloud Interconnect services can benefit your business.

How much time can we save you?

Defensive for GCP

Defensive is a trusted, reliable, and supported resource and partner for business leaders and IT teams. If you want to improve your organization’s cloud network and achieve your business goals within GCP, we can help.

We’ll closely collaborate with your team to build advanced Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and automation. We can provide the required reliability and performance to develop and manage your cloud environment.

Why Defensive Networks?

Defensive is a Next Generation Solution Provider for a Cloud-First World. We exist to take the guesswork out of Cybersecurity and Information Technology procurement and adoption.

Defensive of your Brand.

We are trusted by leading enterprises around the globe.​

Defensive of your People.​

Let’s create harmony between Infosec, IT, Executives, End Users, and Finance.​

Defensive of your Time.

We’re straight to the point with technologies and strategies that work.

Defensive of your Budget.

Eliminate wasted expenditure and maximize the value of every dollar.


87 of the Fortune 1000
Over 1,400+ small, medium and large enterprises.

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Why choose Defensive for GCP

Defensive is a Certified GCP Partner. We expertly tailor our Google Cloud Platform solutions to suit your business structure and goals. We always offer industry-leading designs, deployment, migration, and GCP management for guaranteed competitive prices.


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Google Cloud Platform