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Identity Access Management (IAM Solutions)

80% of all breaches used compromised credentials

*Crowdstrike Global Threat Report, 2022

Identity Access Management

Get Defensive with Identity Access Management

Our Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions focus on a frictionless end-user experience and complete, cradle-to-grave visibility for Security and IT teams.

With the power of solutions from Okta, Microsoft, and CrowdStrike, our defensive solutions and strategies will stop identity breaches, plain and simple.

We’re no longer huddled behind a firewall in a locked-down on-premise environment. Modern IAM and Identity Protection are the foundation for obtaining an actual zero-trust network.



What Does Identity Access Management Mean?

Identity access management (IAM) is the foundational layer in securing your business’ cyber networks. IAM ensures the right people in the appropriate roles can access the required tools and data to do their jobs. Moreover, it prevents unwanted identities from accessing sensitive information.

Identity Management

Identity Management

It confirms that you are who you say you are and stores information about you, like your job title and direct reports, in a database.

Access management

Access management:

It uses the information about your identity on the database to determine which software you can access and what you can do.

IAM Solutions Manage which employees can access each application without manually logging in as an administrator, saving you time and preventing human error. In addition, we can manage identity access control across hybrid workspaces and customer endpoints without compromising your security.

Keeping your organization’s data secure is our priority.


Why Do You Need an Identity Access Management Solution?

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, you need to secure your organization with more than the primary lock and key mechanism of passwords. Our identity access management solutions will enhance security and reduce sign-in friction for your end users and make them more productive. It’s a Win-Win!


Identity access management solutions reduce points of failure and weaknesses. We’ll use preventative technology to catch mistakes before they are made.


Many organizations rely on password protection to secure their cyber systems. Yet, this access point is a significant weakness. Employees can forget passwords; hackers can break passwords. If a malicious actor obtains a valid password or, worse, breaks into the email account for password recovery, your organization becomes highly vulnerable.

Our solutions from partners like Okta and Crowdstrike analyze user behavior, device posture, and network posture to autonomously block bad actors in real time.


“I love remembering passwords and entering MFA codes” – no end user, ever.

Cumbersome security systems severely impact productivity levels. Employees who must remember various passwords for different applications and software lose valuable time. Moreover, changing passwords and overcoming lockouts is a headache for all employees and businesses.

However, with Single Sign On (SSO) paired with a secure application entitlement portal, your employees won’t have to worry about having the correct password to access the required systems to perform their job.

Your productivity rates will shoot up with everything they need for their access level in one highly secure place.


Every employee has immediate access to the perfect suite of tools, and you can manage identity access quickly and easily.

Reduce IT Burden

Traditionally, the bulk of Identity cybersecurity tasks falls on IT teams. However, with cyber threats growing increasingly clever by the day and the average password reset eating up 1.5 hours of employee time, most businesses are forced into a reactive state.

Source: Agio, 2022 “Your Employees are Wasting 30% of Their Time Resetting Passwords

However, with the help of Defensive and our IAM solutions, we’ll relieve the burden on your IT teams so they can focus on their primary job role.

How Much Time Can We Save You?

Our Defensive Solutions

How do we ensure your business identity access management enhances security and productivity? We use industry-leading, powerful software to detect and prevent threats in real time, analyze user behavior changes, and introduce foolproof identity verification methods.


As a leading identity management cloud software, we use Okta to build identity authentication into your systems. Okta’s identity access management technology secures interactions between employees and customers. With Okta, we can protect and support your employees, contractors, and partners.

Okta is popular in various industries, from healthcare and finance to retail and hospitality. We will implement Okta to:

  • Securely enable remote work with enhanced productivity
  • Improve identity access and management across your systems
  • Reduce cumbersome IT processes like an employee and contractor onboarding and offboarding, as well as password resets
  • Migrate to a more secure cloud network
  • Secure access to APIs
  • Protect your systems against fraud
  • The largest ecosystem of ‘Okta Integrated Network’s applications integrates third-party apps for a seamless experience
  • Transform your digital platform for scalability and security

With Okta, we will protect your organization’s customers and workforce from cyber threats.


CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Threat Protection uses highly accurate real-time threat detection and prevention of identity-based attacks. We’ll harness the power of CrowdStrike’s advanced AI, behavioral analytics, and flexible policy engine to manage identity access

With CrowdStrike, we can protect your systems from external threats.

  • Use actionable security insights into user behavior and risks to manage user access control in hybrid environments
  • Use highly accurate threat detection to reduce response times and eliminate false positives
  • Use risk-based conditional access policies to prevent identity-based attacks in real-time

With CrowdStrike, we’ll improve identity visibility and transparency to enhance our defensive and preventative strategies.

We’ll act on insights into user risk and behavior changes, like increased account lockouts, high-risk end-points, and compromised passwords, to ensure your organization has watertight identity access security.

Featured Identity Access Management Partners


How Does IAM Work?

Identity access management primarily does two things:


Identity Management

IAM confirms that the user, software, and hardware are who they say they are. By authenticating their identity and credentials, the IAM identity systems are more secure and flexible than traditional tools.


Access Management:

IAM grants appropriate access levels to each user. Rather than requiring different usernames and passwords for different access levels, IAM allows various individuals to access the proper tools and data to perform their job and no more.

With continuous detection, our automatic security systems will weed out threats without interrupting work productivity.

What Does an IAM Strategy Include?

The core functionalities of our IAM strategies:

Automation of user identities

Create, delete, or modify users from a single, Universal Directory to ensure everyone has the appropriate access level for their job role

Provisioning and de-provisioning users

Grant users increased or decreased access (provisioning and de-provisioning) by position, department, or other groupings with automatic role-based access control.

Authenticating users

Confirm that users are who they say they are, and on a device that passes security checks. Secure authentication includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) and adaptive authentication.

Authorizing users

Ensure the right people can access the right tools. You can manage authorizations by a specific user, job roles, departments, or other groupings.

Principal of Least Privilege

giving users access to only the applications they need to do their job, and nothing more.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

giving users roles to applications to only be able to complete the tasks they are authorized to do, and nothing more.


IAMs generate real-time reports on user behavior, lockouts, compromised passwords, high-risk end-points, login time, systems accessed, and type of authentication to create actionable insights and improve security.

Single sign-on

This allows users to authenticate their identity in one portal instead of through many different applications. Once established, the IAM authenticates identity for the other resources available to the user, removing the need to remember several passwords.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

validating that the user, is in fact, who they say they are using the “Three Factors” knowledge, possession, and inherence.


Why Defensive Networks?

Defensive is a Next Generation Solution Provider for a Cloud-First World. We exist to take the guesswork out of Cybersecurity and Information Technology procurement and adoption.

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A Defensive Identity Access Management Solution

Identity is the foundation of a modern security program, and as such, we partner with the best. We use technologies from Okta, Microsoft, and CrowdStrike to create a foolproof access management solution. With an IAM system, your organization will see increased security and productivity. We use real-time threat detection, prevention, and valuable analytics that produce actionable insights to enhance your organization’s security.


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