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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)​

Trust Defensive’s data aggregation, consolidation, and sorting SEIM to identify threats and adhere to data compliance requirements.


What is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)?

Security information and event management (SIEM) contain a suite of tools and services that provide organizations with a holistic view of their security environments. SIEM tools offer real-time visibility, event log management and aggregation, if-then rules, intelligent data, security automation, and alert notifications.

SIEM consolidates data from multiple sources to provide businesses with raw data that will allow them to see correlations and make informed decisions.

Security information and event management (SIEM) combine two technologies: security information management and security event management (SEM). For analysis, SIM collects data on security threats; SEM conducts real-time system monitoring and notifies network admins about vital security threats.

Security Event Observability

SIEM helps organizations recognize vulnerabilities and potential security threats before they disrupt business operations. SIEM highlights behavior abnormalities and uses artificial intelligence to automate responses. SIEM has become more than just log management; as a highly efficient data orchestration system, it’s now integral to many businesses’ security infrastructure.

Essentially, SIEM software enables your business to detect incidents and security threats that may otherwise go undetected. A SIEM solution will analyze log entries to identify malicious activity. Moreover, it can recreate a timeline of the attack, enabling you to improve your security response and maintain control over your business.

Retention of Logs

SIEM will investigate security alerts and events to create and retain logs for complete visibility into your security environment. SIEM tools can help you hunt for threats and detect security risks in events that may have ended. You can expand the context of view from aggregated data across multiple tools.

All of Your Security Tools in One Place

The average organization has 75 separate security tools. A SIEM becomes a single pane of glass to view, consolidate, and review alerts across your entire environment. With SIEM, you can search for the prevalence of a common event variable across multiple tools, such as Indicators of Compromises (IoCs) or duplicate Command and Control Domains across all logs.


SIEM provides organization-wide searchability. Any given security alert triggers an event log that consists of Device ID, User ID, IP address, Domain, IOC Hash, Malware Hash, and more. It can document and justify an organization’s permitted services, protocols, ports, and insecure protocol security features.


Many organizations need to retain logs for months (or even years) in order to comply with industry-specific standards or for cyber insurance reasons. On average, it takes approximately 207 days to identify a breach. Compliance Councils require longer retention to ensure participating businesses can clearly reflect and analyze unidentified security events.


Evolution of SIEM to XDR

Extended detection and response (XDR) promise to be the next generation of security information and event management. XDR simplifies log ingestion with super low latency API integration, automatic alerts and event enrichment, cross-tool investigations, and response automation libraries. Learn more about our XDR services and how we can help your organization.

While extended detection and response solutions get all the industry buzz, the most commonly used security tools do not support API event integration. XDR provides a narrow view of detection among supported devices for most businesses. If you need to collect logs with these tools, you’ll still need a Syslog collection and SIEM solution.

Businesses should look at the following:

Impact of Networks on Tool Outputs

The Network Effect of tool outputs

If your most vital security tools are XDR-ready, then XDR may be a good fit for your organization. However, if most of your security tools only support Syslog, then you’ll require a modern SIEM solution to best suit all your needs. Many businesses may use a hybrid approach.

Log Retention Conditions

Log Retention Requirements

Even if your organization is XDR-ready, long-term XDR retention costs may lead to unnecessarily high overheads. Plus, you will likely still have a critical mass of legacy tool logs that you must store for compliance reasons.

A hybrid approach may be the best fit to maximize alert visibility with XDR but contain your long-term retention requirements within a SIEM solution.

Find out if XDR or SIEM is the right solution for your business.

Observability Features

Featured SIEM Partners:

Rapid7 InsightIDR

Rapid7 InsightIDR

Cloud SIEM for threat detection. With unified SIEM and XDR, Rapid7 InsightIDR can anticipate cyber attacks and ensure a continuous baseline of healthy activity.

Crowdstrike LogScale

Crowdstrike LogScale

A modern log management solution with organization-wide visibility and a fast, scalable, and affordable platform.

Featured SIEM Partners:


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