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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Navigating the GRC landscape can be an intimidating challenge. Compliance obligations vary from company to company depending on the industry you work in, the products you make/sell, and the clients you cooperate with.

Yet, failure to implement the proper procedures in your organization can lead to significant fines or penalties which are bound to harm the end customer as they damage your service. We can help advise on the best GRC solution for your business. Choose the best GRC solutions for your business and stay protected through Defensive.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

What is GRC?

GRC stands for governance, risk, and compliance.

Managing governance, risk, and compliance with industry and governmental requirements are all part of the GRC organizational approach.

GRC solutions can also refer to a coordinated set of software tools for setting up and running a corporate GRC program.

Companies use GRC to control the accessibility of data and manage operations in a way that doesn’t break any laws.

Cloud infrastructure and technology continually evolve, becoming more complex. However, this also means cloud costs become harder to track.

An organization needs GRC to:

  • Align IT strategies across the board in an organization, eliminating any silos that are operating independently.
  • Accomplish business goals while streamlining the risk profile.
  • Detects and minimizes any threats, looking out for fraud and catching system errors.
  • Ensure compliance with governmental regulations, such as data privacy laws, hazardous materials requirements, SOX, and export and customs laws.

The Values/Benefits of GRC Platforms

Investing in a comprehensive, holistic GRC platform can transform your business practices. Let’s examine how:

Saves money

A GRC solution ensures regulation adherence and prevents noncompliance fines, saving money. Additionally, businesses that use GRC software and services have lower insurance costs and are eligible for lower rates. Using a software solution to centralize GRC procedures results in cross-functional visibility and less manual risk monitoring and management.

Saves time

When you can automate manual work and streamline processes, everyone wins.

Direct involvement from all parties in ERM-related operations improves efficiency and oversight. Employees may accomplish more with less effort and in the same amount of time, thanks to operational efficiency provided by best-in-class GRC software.

Employees can use that time for higher-value and more strategic work. This makes your company better prepared to handle whatever comes.

Improved Communication

Workplaces have evolved with employees working hybrid schedules across different time zones and geographical locations. With a holistic GRC platform, companies have a way to share information and knowledge without data distributed across different systems and networks.

From cybersecurity to audit to regulatory risks, you have the information on hand when you need it in one place.

This improved communication and visibility lets you take calculated risks confident of up-to-date information.

Clear Reporting

Report creation shouldn’t require hours of manual data collection.  Reporting is a cinch with an all-encompassing GRC platform.

No more manual data collecting and the possibility of inaccuracy thanks to shared communication, data in one location, and automatic reporting. And the end result? Well-written reports that anyone can understand.

Opportunities for Growth

Proactive risk identification and remediation is conducive to growth.

With a comprehensive GRC solution, you can prioritize various risks in a way that enables your organization to be prepared. In turn, that leads to well-informed decision-making on how you proceed and grow, knowing that you are as prepared as can be relative to risk.

Enhanced GRC Observability through Technology

  • Eliminate blind spots in risk across all business domains
  • Unparalleled observability of risk across audit, compliance, cybersecurity controls, business resiliency, ESG, and more!
  • Quantifies the business risks presented on clear, easy-to-grasp dashboards that present information to build a holistic picture
  • Eliminates the use of multiple third-party software programs for ease of use and to address risk parameters.
  • Simplify complex Security Compliance Frameworks and Audits
  • Modernized API integration into the cloud tools you use today, including Crowdstrike, AWS, GCP, Azure, Office365, ADP, Workday, Okta, TriNet, Zenefits, and much much more
  • Automate compliance frameworks documentation with industry best practices
  • Reduce your time and costs to achieve compliance by up to 70% for SOC2, ISO27001, PCI, HIPAA, and more!
Security Scorecard
  • Get simple, easy-to-digest security ratings for your business
  • Allow customers a holistic view of their vendors’ status of regulatory laws (GDPR, PCI…etc.)
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Simplify your vendor security checks with simple third-party and forth party security ratings
  • Tracks in near real-time customer changes on the public network
  • The cybersecurity asset management platform gives organizations a comprehensive asset inventory
  • Fantastic customer support at great value for money
  • Excellent access control features
  • Excellent training was provided on how best to use the product’s features

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