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Extended Detection And Response

Reach new levels of
Security Event Observability
with XDR.

The average enterprise has 75 Security Tools

Break Down Silos​

Each security tool represents its own silo, each with its own detection or prevention rules, alerting mechanisms, and log outputs. The best we’ve been able to do (up until now) was forward these alerts and logs to a SIEM. What is often created is a security junkyard.​

XDR is Here​

Supercharge your security alerts with a comprehensive tool that automates almost all of your threat-hunting and event research. In addition, our extended detection and response solutions automatically enrich every detection with expanded context from your other security tools.​

What Is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

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With comprehensive and enriched threat data filtered into a single platform, XDR creates a quick, efficient, and streamlined way to hunt and eliminate threats across multiple domains. Your security teams can rapidly respond with an improved and informed plan from one unified solution.

A Unified Approach to XDR

XDR coordinates all your security tools and systems to enrich your threat detection and response operations. Rather than relying on different technologies to act individually, XDR covers all your endpoints, networks, cloud workloads, and more to create a unified approach to security threats.

With XDR, you can achieve fast and effective threat detection and response. Shared ontology, workload automation, and common query language push XDR technology ahead of the curb.

Ecosystem-Wide Visibility

Without understanding your vulnerabilities, endpoints, and connections, you can’t form a comprehensive and effective security response. Isolated security detection and response tools never give you the whole picture.

XDR can see everything all at once. With ecosystem-wide visibility, XDR can identify and hunt threats at an unprecedented speed and scale. Collecting threat data from all your operations and first and third-party sources across various technologies and domains create a far-reaching and deep-diving security response.

True Defense in Depth

XDR isn’t just broad. It dives deeply into threat hunting and breach detection. Using a wide range of security tools, XDR protects your organization with multiple layers of coordinated defense operations. XDR offers a breadth and depth unmatched by other technologies.

XDR ensures you have complete control by uniting leading securities throughout all major security domains—from email and cloud to network and IoT security.

Streamline Operations

XDR ensures a streamlined and cohesive cybersecurity stack. XDR is an efficient and trustworthy security approach for organizations in any industry, designed to stop every attack wherever they are across your networks and domains. With complete visibility, absolute protection, and streamlined and optimized threat response, you’ll feel safe with XDR.


Industry-Leading XDR Features

Optimize security tools

With industry-leading EDR, XDR will create a cohesive and effective security operation. Previously siloed data works together with XDR to rapidly respond to threats on a massive scale. With unmatched visibility across the entire environment. XDR technology makes the most of your time, money, and resources. XDR automatically detects stealthy threats, saving your team time maintaining detection rules.

Accelerate threat analysis

XDR can analyze and eliminate threats across multiple domains from a single console. By uniting many sources, XDR can rapidly investigate security threats and respond like never before. XDR will prioritize alerts and provide a rich context to security teams to optimize your response approach.

Prevent attacks before they become breaches

Orchestrate threat detection and response to eliminate potential violations before they become a problem. Detailed threat data means you can make an informed plan of attack and eradicate threats with surgical precision.

How Does XDR Work?

In its simplest form, extended detection and response bring together data from isolated security solutions to work together to improve visibility and response times. XDR enriches threat investigation capabilities across multiple domains from a single platform.

XDR orchestrates a targeted plan of attack to prevent threats from becoming breaches. Your security team can make an informed decision about threat detection and response with eyes everywhere.


How XDR works:

  • XDR ingests enormous amounts of data from endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, email, network traffic, virtual containers, and more. XDR then filters, processes, and processes large volumes of data.
  • Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, XDR sifts through the threat data to automatically detect stealthy threats.
  • XDR prioritizes threat data by severity so your security team and threat-hunting tools can quickly analyze and respond to new threats. XDR automates investigative and responsive activities to form an optimized security approach.

Featured XDR Partnership: CrowdStrike Falcon XDR Alliance

CrowdStrike Falcon XDR Alliance is a revolutionary tool to detect and respond to all security threats anywhere and everywhere. With industry-leading IT solutions and technology, CrowdStrike Falcon XDR Alliance is a first-of-its-kind security ecosystem. It can rapidly detect, threat hunt, and respond across your organization’s entire network.

Extensive Detection and Response

XDR is EDR at its core. With purpose-built integrations, like XDR-designed playbooks, APIs, and automation, XDR will accelerate your detection and response operations.

The Crowdstrike XDR Alliance aims to stop breaches everywhere. With unmatched potential, Crowdstrike XDR can boost your security teams’ threat detection and response like no other technology to protect your organization. XDR has an adversarial mindset for seamless communication and coordination between all of your security tools.


Featured XDR Alliance Ecosystem Partners


Benefits of XDR Security

XDR coordinates and enriches siloed security consoles. With a united front and streamlined security analysis, XDR will enhance your security systems and provide unparalleled protection. XDR offers the following benefits:


Far-reaching threat visibility

XDR delivers consolidated and forensic visibility across your organization’s entire environment. Working with multiple layers of security response tools, XDR collects and correlates data from various sources to provide complete visibility.

Painless and hassle-free

Your security analysts and threat hunters can focus on responding to high-priority threats. XDR automatically eliminates minor anomalies and detects stealthy threats with machine learning and AI.


End-to-end security

Your security team can orchestrate an informed response with detailed, cross-domain context and data. XDR coordinated impacted hosts, root causes, indicators, and timelines, to enhance an effective investigation and remediation security response.

Why Defensive Networks?

Defensive is a Next Generation Solution Provider for a Cloud-First World. We exist to take the guesswork out of Cybersecurity and Information Technology procurement and adoption.

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A Defensive XDR Approach

Defensive’s XDR security approach will supercharge your threat detection, hunting, and response systems. With unmatched ecosystem-wide visibility, a streamlined response process, and automated investigations, we’ll help you protect your organization with complete confidence.


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